TEI of Crete offers Postgraduate Education through integrated courses in the fields of: Applied Technology, Business & Economics and Applied Sciences. More specifically, the graduate programs offered by TEI of Crete, are the following:

Msc in Informatics & Multimedia

Msc in Informatics & Multimedia aims to provide candidates with high quality theoretical and practical knowledge on established and emerging topics in Informatics and Multimedia. The program is organized around modules (courses) comprising theoretical and laboratory work which is undertaken in the first and second semesters. The final semester is devoted to submitting a research-oriented thesis proposal on a compete subject which is developed into a Masters thesis and submitted for approval.

MBA for Engineers

The aim of the Postgraduate Programme is the empowerment of Engineers with economic and administrative knowledge and skills to become sought after agencies / executives or successful self-employed and entrepreneurs.

MSc in Accounting and Auditing

The aim of the MSc in Accounting and Auditing is to prepare high-level professionals with specialized knowledge and skills that are necessary for a successful career in the demanding and rapidly evolving field of Accounting and Auditing.
The MSc in Accounting and Auditing combining the scientific research of Universities and T.E.I.s (inside and outside of Greece), with the experience of recognized experts, it is recommended with an academic title, widely accepted for those who are interested in a highly returning career on subjects of accounting, taxation, Audit (Internal Audit or Certified Accountants), and more generally the Financial Directorate Businesses and Organisations.

MSc in Technologies for Environmental Protection

MSc "Sciences and Environmental Engineering" is implemented by Department of Chemistry of the University of Crete in collaboration with the School of Technological Applications of TEI Crete. Object and purpose of MSc are the graduates have acquired high quality expertise in a variety of cutting edge research articles in Environmental Science and Engineering and Environment Protection Technologies offering the demanding knowledge for positions in the State and the Private Sector.

MSc in Energy Systems

Strategic objective of the Postgraduate Program "Power Systems" is to provide students knowledge related to modern energy technologies and relevant scientific approaches to energy production and management of renewables, as well as issues relating to environmental protection and energy saving.