The School Council is the highest administrative authority of the School. The main task of the Council is to coordinate the departments and the fiscals of the School and to organize interdisciplinary activities.

The Council consists of:

  • the School Director
  • the Heads of the Departments and
  • the students' representative

When the council discusses issues that concern the general management of the school, a representative of the Technical Educational Staff or a representative of the Administration Staff (depending on the subject) has the right to participate in the council.

The Council consists of the following members:

  • Emmanuel Drakakis, Dean, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
  •  Fotis Mavromatakis, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Achilles Vairis, Professor, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Paraskevi Frangopoulou, Head of the Department of Informatics Engineering
  • Georgios Savvakis, Head of School Secretariat